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I'm a graphic designer and illustrator based in Birmingham, UK. I also post on the Bread & Circus journal.
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    48SHEET: THIS IS BIG ART! - 5 days and counting…

    48Sheet is an artistic intervention aiming to transform the city of Birmingham and parts of the region into a unique gallery by utilising up to 100 billboards to exhibit work by regional, and national artists, including work by internationally renowned artists MadeIn (Shanghai), and Raqs Media Collective (Delhi).  

    Commissioned artists have created work in response to the projects overarching theme of ’cultural curiosity’.  While much of the art will have been created digitally beforehand, four artists will paint live on launch day April 2nd.

    48Sheet is an EC-Arts project which aims to make art accessible to wider audiences by utlising existing public platforms, and to enhance the built environment through artistic intervention. 

    “The city is our canvas.” 

    The billboards have been carefully chosen to form advertising free ‘clusters’, and will be accompanied by online, printed and GPS maps so that visitors can navigate their way around the urban gallery via walking, cycling and bus routes.  

    There will also be free workshops, talks, exhibitions, and activities taking place at the 48Sheet project space, Mailbox, from April 2nd, Monday–Saturday 10am – 5pm.

    >48Sheet wholeheartedly supports the Papergirl concept because of its shared passion for public art, and will support the Papergirl Birmingham exhibition within its project space at The Mailbox throughout April 2012.< 


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